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Liddle & Liddle was founded in Glendora, California in 1985 by Layne L. Liddle and her brother, George L. Liddle with an emphasis on Landlord-Tenant Law and Unlawful Detainer litigation.  The firm has been retained for eviction and leasing matters by clients ranging from individual property owners and real estate brokerages to commercial and residential property management companies and major lending institutions.  The Law Offices of Liddle & Liddle has been attorney of record on more than 50,000 Unlawful Detainer actions.


With many of our services in landlord-tenant disputes we provide flat fees for most work performed. Unlawful detainer/ eviction proceedings are generally streamlined disputes where similar fact patters repeat themselves. For over thirty years Liddle & Liddle has focused on all aspects of landlord-tenant law and has encountered most variations of disputes between landlords and tenants and for that reason we are able to offer flat fees. However, every case is different and in some matters due to the nature of the dispute or course of litigation our competitive hourly rates would apply.


One thing clients learn about us quickly is that we are highly competitive and take a great sense of pride in our work. We seek the best possible results for each client we serve and we work hard to ensure that our clients gain possession of their properties quickly.

In addition to our passion for results, we place a strong emphasis on service. Each of our clients receives personal service from a team of dedicated attorneys and legal professionals. When representing a landlord or tenant, we take time to listen, answer questions, return calls promptly and keep clients informed of the status of their case.

Unlike other landlord-tenant firms, we are primarily concerned with delivering a cost-effective, time-efficient resolution to our clients' case.


If you need to speak with a lawyer about an eviction, administrative hearing, landlord-tenant litigation, post-foreclosure eviction or litigation, appeal, rent control issue or other landlord-tenant matter, contact Liddle & Liddle in Glendora, California.

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