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Apartments, Single Family Dwellings, Duplexes, Illegal Conversions, Section 8

California Law regarding the landlord tenant relationship is in a constant state of flux. In order for an eviction to proceed successfully you must strictly follow the rules created to protect the tenants. At Liddle & Liddle, APC, our attorneys are aware of the changing laws. We care about your case, we want you to get your property back quickly, and we will represent you diligently to ensure that happens. 



Restaurants, Warehouses, Office Spaces, Business Parks, Retail

The standard length of a California commercial contract is 17 pages filled with detailed and sometimes complex provisions outlining landlord and tenant obligations. Often times the parties are unaware of their obligations and the liabilities they may face. The fact that our attorneys have had input on the drafting of the standard California commercial contract means that we have the expertise to guide you through any problems which may arise from your agreement. 



Investors, Financial Institutions, Bonafide Tenancies

At Liddle & Liddle we have handled thousands of post-foreclosure Unlawful Detainers (evictions) on behalf of real estate investors and  financial institutions. It is our experience in the foreclosure process that makes us one of the leading go-to firms to recover possession of the premises against squatters, former owners, and tenants occupying the foreclosed property.


Rent Stabilization, Costa Hawkins, Eviction Control, Relocation Assistance

Rent Control not only governs the prices of rent, but they also govern the reason you are allowed to evict a tenant. At Liddle & Liddle, our attorneys have years of experience navigating rent and eviction control laws in Glendale, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, & Santa Monica. Notwithstanding these locations, this area of landlord/tenant law is primed to expand in the coming years over all of Los Angeles County. Like it or not, this may effect you soon. Having the attorneys at Liddle & Liddle, APC guide you through these changes and restrictions will expedite the recovery of your property.

Rent Control
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